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T-Systems Insights: Strategie.

Mit der perfekten Strategie kann das BMW Sauber F1 Team schon vor dem Rennen die Weichen auf Erfolg stellen. Erfahren Sie mehr über die Bedeutung der Taktik in der Formel 1.

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BMW Sauber F1: Trackrating China

A lap of Shanghai.

Robert Kubica comments on Shanghai: “The first three corners are the best of the entire lap. You approach Turn 1 at high speed and even maintain your pace when negotiating the first part of the bend. But then the corner gets tighter and tighter. This year, nailing the exit of the corner will be even trickier as we wont have traction control any more.” See Shanghai from the cockpit, just as Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica experience the circuit.

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